On Jan 16th, 2016, NCNC BOD representatives (Mr Mohan Adhikari, Dr Batu Sharma and Dr Unnati Ojha) met with Mr. Ashish Hada, Mr. Dipendra Lamichhane and Mr. Shyam Aryal to explore best available means to distribute $3200.00 to Earthquake victims in Nepal which was approved by the BOD on 1/16/16. Based on the available information at the time, we agreed to choose Sahayeta which had a open project to distribute 450 ( Nepal Police grade) blanket in two villages (Goganpani, Khadadevi) in remote area of Ramechhap District. Those 450 Blankets would entirely cover both villages. The residents of that area are underprivileged mostly Tamangs and Gurungs. Cost per Blanket is $8.00. We wanted to sponsor the whole project ( 450 *$8 = $3600) and we were $400.00 short to cover for 450 blankets. Run4 Nepal coordinator Mr. Dipendra Lamichhane graciously agreed to pitch in $400.00 to this project from Run For Nepal fund.

On 2/1/2016, the blankets were delivered to the villages with the help of volunteers from Youth Thinkers Society. Below, we have are a few pictures of the distribution event.
Full Report can be found here.

Blanket Drive (7)Blanket Drive (16) Blanket Drive (14)Blanket_Drive

Blanket Drive (18)Blanket Drive (11)

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NCNC Blanket Drive

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