Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC) was established in 1999 with an overarching goal to preserve/promote the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of Nepal. Since its foundation, we have grown tremendously from a small, homogenous cluster of academics, to a large, heterogeneous mass of diverse individuals. With this NCNC’s roles and responsibilities have also increased dramatically over the years. Bylaws amendment is needed to make NCNC more concurrent to address changing scenarios. We are certain that this amendment will make NCNC more comprehensive, resourceful, and outreached to provide the best quality services to and from the Nepalese community effectively and efficiently.

Bylaws amendment process has been going on for last few years. Past bylaws committee members during earlier executives have put countless number of hours in this amendment process. We would like to thank them all for their endeavors.

Six member bylaws amendment committee has been formed to carry out this task and finish it on timely manner. The newly formed bylaws amendment committee comprises of 3 NCNC executives and 3 outstanding members of our community.

Dr. Sushama Pradhan – Chair

Dr. Batu Sharma – Member

Dr. Harihar Bhattari – Member

Mr. Ishwar Devkota – Member

Dr. Narayan Rajbhandari – Member

Mr. Yam Kumar Shrestha – Member
Link to the proposed Bylaws

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NCNC Bylaws Amendment
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