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SANGALO, the annual publication of Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC) is currently accepting submissions, and the Editorial Board invites you to submit your articles for the upcoming 16th issue of the magazine. In response to the feedback about the magazine’s contents, the Editorial Board has decided to give priorities to the contents that entail useful information about Nepal – history, geography, tradition, culture, language, etc. For example, articles sharing your firsthand experience about Nepal, Nepali culture and traditions will be given topmost priority. Please share your experience and also encourage your children to share their experience.

Articles must be typewritten either in Nepali or English (Please note we cannot accept photograph of your material), and must be submitted by July 31, 2016 via email to You can also send your submissions to one of the following Editorial Board members:

We also have provision for advertising your local businesses in SANGALO, and details about the current advertisement rates and your personal greeting-message options will be made public soon.

SANGALO is an annual publication of NCNC, and is published and distributed free of charge to its members. For your reference, previous versions of SANGALO can be found at NCNC website or SANGALO website

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Call for Articles – Sangalo 2016

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