The 16th issue of our annual magazine SANGALO was released during DASHAIN/TIHAR celebration last Friday and is available for you. Several members were able to pick their copy during the DASHAIN/TIHAR celebration. If you could not make to DASHAIN/TIHAR party and need to collect your copy of SANGALO, please contact any of the NCNC BOD members or SANGALO editorial members and secure your copy.

As you know, SANGALO has been consistently delivering information about several community activities and matters of personal interests and needs through various ways. This magazine provides a true reflection of our community activities in the form of pictures, articles, greetings, advertisements etc. The magazine also includes information about past and upcoming events, reports on cultural activities and other activities of the NCNC during the past year and an official annual financial report of the NCNC.

Check it out in our Sangalo Page. You can go directly to the PDF Link from here.

Table of Contents for Sangalo 2016:












Editorial board would like to thank everyone once again for your contribution to this issue of SANGALO by means of advertisement, DASHAIN greetings or articles and would like your similar contributions in the days ahead.

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SANGALO 2016 is available now!

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