Respected Community Members,


This is again the time of the year and I feel highly honored and privileged for the opportunity to wish all of you and your families the happiest Bijaya Dashami and Tihar 2076. On behalf of NCNC Board of Directors, my wife Puja, and my kids Ayushma & Aarnav, I wish that the upcoming festivals be the harbinger of good health, prosperity, success and happiness in every step of your life ahead. May Goddess Durga and Laxmi bestow all of you with her blessings!

For the last 20 years, NCNC has been working consistently to preserve the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of Nepal and to protect the Nepalese identity. Celebrating festivals like Dashain and Tihar together with all community members creates the exuberant feeling of togetherness and homely despite being thousands of miles away from home. It also helps us to protect and pass on the goodness of our rich traditions and cultures to the future generations and the broader community. In a long run, it will help us to strengthen our roots and engrave our unique identity in the hearts of our future generations.

In my close association with NCNC for last 10 years, I have been very fortunate to witness its proud history, an incredible growth, and very rich social and moral values. This flourishing Nepalese community has provided volunteers like me with an implausible opportunity for community service. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to serve this community as the president of NCNC for the years 2018-2019. Our dynamic team have thriven to work diligently to maintain the dignity of NCNC and propel its proud history further by means of several community activities. Few of the signature community activities include the weekly Nepali Pathashala, Adopt- a- highway and Blood Drive. In order to meet our goals of preserving the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of Nepal; promoting Nepalese arts, literature, music, dances and customs; promoting educational, charitable, social and sport activities; providing networking opportunities for its members; providing assistance to increase the welfare of the people of Nepal; providing information and moral support to Nepali immigrants, students and new comers with the integration in to the main stream of the USA and providing emergency support to the people in need; we organize countless activities for the community throughout the year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every volunteer for your selfless service and wholehearted support, contribution, dedication and participation in these activities. As Mahatma Gandhi said “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory”, all of us just need to keep on contributing on our part and transformation will happen spontaneously.

Nepalese are one of the fastest growing communities in North Carolina. Since its establishment in 1999, NCNC has been facilitating all of us to be more organized and increase our visibility to the broader community and local governments. In recognition of our significant contribution to the socioeconomic wellbeing of the Wake County, North Carolina and the United States of America as a whole, and signifying the importance of our rich cultural diversity; both Wake County and Town of Morrisville have proclaimed the third Saturday in April of every year as NEPAL DAY throughout the Wake County. This is the most significant achievement and the moment of great prideand honor to all the Nepalese living in and around Wake County, North Carolina and the United States of America. This was possible because of consistent efforts and dedications of our senior leadership including past presidents, trustees and advisors; and our community’s unity and commitments towards the community service over the last 20 years under the umbrella of NCNC. I urge every community member to work responsibly and maintain the dignity of this utmost attainment.

Our team came with the vision of making NCNC more transparent, institutionalized, professional, accessible, welcoming, inclusive and well organized for future generations. We continue to seek your full cooperation and active participation. Collaboration, partnership, teamwork, inclusiveness and participatory approach have remained our topmost priorities. We have successfully collaborated with several local and regional organizations like NASeA, NCAAT, HSNC, NRNNC, NCNLS, NepaRhythm, EVC, Humsub, HSS etc. on varieties of activities. Through our MDPRC committee, we have been very successful in significantly boosting the membership strength of our organization. Through our community outreach program, our team has been putting a tremendous effort to listen to every concerns of the community member, provide necessary help whenever needed and maintain a constant and cordial relationship with every member of the community. Our vision has remained very clear in making NCNC a common home for all Nepalese living in North Carolina and I would like to sincerely request all of you to get the NCNC membership and encourage others to gain the membership as well.

Finally, I want to reiterate the fact that all these community services have been possible because of this current BOD of highly accomplished personalities with varieties of knowledge and experience. I truly honor each BOD’s leadership styles, spirit, enthusiasm and dedication to the community service. Once again, I would like to congratulate all the BOD members for outstanding accomplishments under each of your committees. “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” – Please continue to serve the community with positive attitude in whatever capacity you could.

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” – I am very thankful for this great opportunity to serve this community as the president of NCNC, and I will continue providing my selfless service towards the benefit of the entire community.


Dr. Batu Sharma
President, Nepal Center of North Carolina, Inc.