NCNC is a 501c status non-profit organization in North Carolina. Since its inception in 1999, NCNC has hosted many cultural and social events and activities. Some of the past activities include hosting popular comedy/drama from Nepal like MAHA JODI, Manoj Gajurel, Maalatii Mangale, musical concerts of Nepal’s popular artists like Deep Shrestha, Nabin Bhattarai, Nhyo Bajcharya, Sambhujeet Banskota, Prem Raja Mahat, Bhuwan KC, Shringara Nepal etc. and discourses from spiritual personalities like Dr. Chintamani Yogi etc.

Larger regional conventions like Joint ANASEA/ANMA/NCNC held in Raleigh in September 2001 & 2009 were attended by more than 500 people. Several local activities including Teej celebration, Dashain and Tihaar (Deausi Bhailo) celebration and New Year Celebration are being part of regular NCNC activities including sports competition such as Volley Ball. NCNC has its strong presence in state or interstate sport tournament. NCNC has secured three consecutive NASeA/ANMA volleyball championships (2009, NC, 2010, KY and 2011, GA). Members of NCNC youth have as secured the first, second and third positions in essay contest for school students and poetry contest almost every year.

Currently, NCNC is running Nepali school for the children. It’s a milestone sought by NCNC since its establishment. In addition to this, NCNC and its members were able to extend financial help in need, may that be Bhutanese victims of fire in Greensboro, earthquake victims of Haiti , Gujarat India, or of Nepal, flood victims in Pakistan, or victim of vehicle accidents in Green ville, NC. The financial contribution, time and the labor donated by NCNC and its member has been appreciated.

Past Presidents of NCNC:

Mr. Ishwor Devkota (1999-2001, 2004-2007)
Mrs.Annapurna Deo (2002-2003)
Mr.Nagendra Neupane (2008-2009)
Mr.Arun Dhital (2010-2011)
Mr. Shailendra Devkota (2012-2013)
Mr. Shailendra Devkota
Dr.Thakur Karki (2014-2015)
Dr. Sushama Pradhan (2016-2017)