The purpose of NCNC is to blend and foster friendship and cordial relations with the local community, protect Nepali culture and identity, extend helping hand to Nepal and the Nepalese around the world in any way possible. We also endeavor to disseminate information and advice to new and potential comers to North Carolina, as well as to those with a desire to learn about Nepal, Nepali culture or those that are ready to embark upon a trip to Nepal. Our specific goals are:

  • To preserve the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of Nepal
  • To promote Nepalese arts, literature, music, dances and customs
  • To promote educational, charitable, social and sport activities
  • To provide networking opportunities for NCNC members and others
  • To provide assistance to increase the welfare of the people of Nepal
  • To provide information and moral support to Nepali immigrants, students and new comers with the integration in to the main stream of the USA
  • To provide emergency support to the people in need