NCNC Election 2019

This and any subsequent pages and documentation are managed by the 2019 NCNC Election Committee and being used to communicate the committee activities and any other important messages regarding to the upcoming NCNC Election 2019. Please check this page regularly for important updates during the tenure of this committee and direct any questions, comments and suggestions to

Here are some important documents we recently published:

Call for nomination NCNC_Election_2019_Call_for_Nomination
Voters list NCNC_Election_2019_Voters_final
Candidates final list NCNC_Election_2019_Candidates_final
Schedule and milestones NCNC_Election_2019_Milestones
Code of conduct NCNC_Election_2019_Code_of_Conduct
Sample ballot NCNC_Election_2019_Ballot_sample
Results NCNC_Election_2019_Results


NCNC Election Committee
Dr. Narayan Rajbhandari, Chair
Dr. Shreekant Adhikari, Member
Mr. Sharad Acharya, Member