Nepali School 2024: Important Information

Below are the information on class/teacher assignments, textbooks, PTA, calendar, and a few other items as we get ready to start the new school year on Sunday, January 14.
Class/teacher assignments: PLEASE CLICK HERE to access the information about students’ class, assigned teachers, and class rooms. The students can be moved to a different class if we determine that his/her knowledge of the Nepali language fits more with a different class. Please contact us at or Bikram Gautam at 919.656.6070 [Text only] if you do not see your kid’s name in the sheet. 
Textbooks: Please have your kids continue using the books that they used last year. New books will be provided to the first time enrolled kids and to those with changed classes.  
Extra-Curricular Activities: We plan to provide traditional Nepali dance, Nepali instrument – Madal lesson, Yoga, and few other activities in the second hour of each class. Students can sign up for only one extra curricular activity each week. PSA: please help us identify resources in the community who can offer Nepali instrument lessons – Sarangi, Bansuri, Madal, etc.
Notebooks and Pencil: All students should bring in their own notebooks and pencils. Please sharpen your pencils at home as we don’t have sharpeners in classrooms.
Calendar: Nepali Pathshala runs every Sunday (1 pm to 3 pm) from January to September at HSNC in Morrisville. The school observes major US holidays – Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day and will remain closed on those weekends. Please check our Facebook Page for the school related information like school closure.
PTA Group: We need a dedicated group of volunteer parents to set up classes at the start and clean up rooms at the end on a regular basis and to provide other occasional assistance. Please reach out to Prem Pradhan [919.656.2118] if you want to be a part of the group.
Snacks and water: Students can bring in their snacks they can eat during break or at the end of the class. All students must bring in water bottles.
Enrollment Fees: If you have not paid the registration fee yet, please Zelle your dues to NCNC membership is mandatory for the students’ parents. Please obtain your membership at
Communication: Please join our Facebook group below for school related communications
NCNC Executives for school related questions: Ishwar Dhakal: 919-400-3265 Ramesh Oli: 214-566-5803