A youth oriented initiative called “NCNC Youth Empowerment Series” was started in September 2022. Under this initiative we are envisioning a collective of events ranging from talk series and interactive sessions on any topic areas relevant for youth development, to high school and college youths’ interaction, to high-school mentorship programs. The overall goal of the initiative is to ignite critical conversations for personal development, self-esteem, goal setting etc. through dynamic and interactive sessions that can educate and empower high schoolers, as well as prepare them for college, and lead to academic success

The programs under this initiative will be organized and led by High School youths (who have some level of prior experience in leading such programs), under the guidance and support from local professionals residing in RTP (at present: current General Secretary Dr. Bikash Shakya and past VP Dr. Archana P. Lamichhane.

The program involves a monthly talk series and interactive sessions targeted to youths, especially high schoolers. A one-hour session will have two segments: the first will include talk from an adult professional speaker representing diverse areas of expertise who will talk about their degree and current professional role, past positions, and growth, and share what did it took them to get to that position, and tips and recommendations for youths, followed by Q&A. The second component includes a college-level youth speaker who can provide insight into how they prepared themselves for college while in high school (in terms of course, extracurricular, community service etc.), share their experience with college applications, and tips and recommendations for high schoolers. This will also be followed by Q&A session.

Currently, we have 35 high schoolers enrolled in the program.

For new enrollment: https://forms.gle/TLo7qjAdpB5ugr298